Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recorder Covers


Recorder Covers
Considering both my children are in the recorder group at school this year, I thought I'd make them a cover instead of the boring old plastic one that ends up breaking mid way through the year.

Here is Master 9 showing what he's learning at the moment.  (Oh, my poor old ears!)

Here's how I did it -
1.First on the fold cut a piece approx 60cm length and 15cm wide.

 2.Then pin sides and flap and sew all the way round, leave a gap to turn the right way out. (don't sew the folded bit).
 3. Turn in the right way and it should look like the picture below.
 4. Sew up the gap you left to turn the right way round.
 5. Fold to desired length and pin.
 6. Sew up both sides.
 7. It should look like this picture below by now.
 8. Attach press studs or I thought velcro would work too.
 9. Check to make sure press studs close correctly.
 10. Attach cord for hanging it up.  (This is optional, but makes it easier to find)
 11.  Here's the finished cover, with recorder and cleaning stick inside.  What do you think?

The kids really like them and they won't get lost so easily now, I hope!

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