Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life in Morpeth

 Finally School Holidays are Over :)

There's so much going on all over the world that I kind of forgot to get started on my blog :(
On the other side of the world there's all the awful politics in Egypt.  Mother nature has ravaged North Queensland and straight after they had such terrible floods across Brisbane that it makes my worries look minuscule compared to some people today.  Unfortunately most of us in Australia know someone who has been effected by the natural disasters, it's all a bit too close to home for me.

So on a happier note, it's so lovely to have the kids back at school.  They get so bored by the end of the school holidays that they drive me insane and end up argueing over nothing.  All you parents with school aged children out there know what I mean.

You wouldn't think butter would melt in their mouths.  They look so well behaved and respectable in their uniforms, don't you think?  This was before there first day back and they are still loving it, so far.  We got our 11 year old her first over the shoulder boulder holder these holidays, she's almost as tall as I am too and she's a big Senior at school this year.  Makes me feel kinda old watching her grow up.  The little man is coping better now too.  I think they both like having their Dad around more.  He's changed jobs and is home more than he used to be which Master 9 needed, I think.
They both have female teachers this year.  It will be a nice change for them both.  The school only has about 200 students, it's very small but that has it's advantages.
So hard to get anything done when they are home on school holidays.  Since they've been back I've had all sorts of grand idea's and have actually got a few things I've been sewing finished.
I'm going to make some quilted handbags next.  I'll have to get started.  I was thinking a red one and a black one and after that I can only imagine. 
Here's a couple I've made already.

You can visit my store at 

I've donated a couple of bags to a Queensland Flood relief auction, which went incredibly well at TOMG $1 Auctions These girls work amazingly hard and have the most fantastic fabrics.  You should send them some like on their facebook page and let them know where you heard about them :)
I'm planning on making some fun things for Valentine's Day this year so stay tuned and I'll show you what I get up to.

Hope you all have a fantastically fabulous weekend.
Luv Mel....xX

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