Saturday, February 5, 2011

DIY Teapot to Potplant

The Teapot
I made this teapot a couple of years ago but unfortunately it was my first teapot and I didn't make the inside of the spout big enough so it couldn't be used as a teapot.

Making Holes
First I had to put drainage holes in the bottom which was a bit of effort but I got it in the end. I used a wood screw and slowly put it through the bottom where the marks were from firing. When they fire things in a kiln they sit it on little metal prongs and there were three little spots where the glaze hadn't taken so that's where I put the holes.

Must have drainage holes
As you can see in the picture, you have to make the holes go all the way through, if you don't put holes it will get waterlogged and your plant's won't be very happy and might even die. You have to be pretty careful or you'll break the ceramic so just be gentle and go slowly.

Volcanic rock
Put some kind of drainage rock in the bottom, I used volcanic rock because I already had some but you could use anything really. This will stop your drainage holed getting blocked, you don't have to do this bit but because the teapot was fairly tall I thought this would help.

Fill with good dirt
Fill almost to the top with some good quality potting mix, it helps the plants stay happy for longer. I used some that I got from the local hardware shop but as long as it's good quality you're plants should stay happy :)

Pick and position plants
I'm not the greatest gardener, I try but a lot of plants just won't grow for me. So I choose succulents as they are less trouble and pretty much look after themselves.Put your plants where you want them to grow and fill in and around the plants with more potting mix. Press the dirt down around the plants so they don't sink when you water them.

Give your new pot plant a good long drink. Make sure that you water it well the first week. If you've got proper drainage it won't stay too wet and your plants will thrive.

Teapot to Potplant
Put some rocks around your plants to prevent weeds from finding somewhere new to grow. You don't have to do this either but I had these rocks lying around taking up space and thought it looked better with rocks around the plants. Up to you if you do this bit or not :P

Succulent Succulents
Here it is, all finished. Now find a place in the sun where it can grow happily and enjoy what you made.

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