Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Devil Shorts

Now that I've improved a little I'd decided to chop up some material I didn't buy from the local Op-Shop but instead I'd demolish some stuff I'd bought from ebay and see how I'd go.

I'd cut the pattern out and marked all the back of the the fabric correctly so you'd think there was no way I'd get it wrong this time?  First I pinned it all together and sewed the pocket to the back and the left side then sewed the inside crutch together, so far so good.

Cut out market fabric pieces Pocket's sewed on to back and left side. Crutch pinned Side pocket pinned. Back pocket pinned on.

Sewing pockets and crutch. Sewing outside of shorts. Hemming and making elastic casing for waist. Hemmed Shorts.

I managed to get it right so far so sewed up the outside hem then hemmed the bottom of the legs and made the casing for the elastic to go in to.

Putting the elastic in to waist.

After all that I had a finished pair of shorts, after getting son to try them on I made sure they fit then sewed up the hole where the elastic went in.  Big improvement on the first pair I made with the weird crutch and odd lengthed legs :P

Back View of finished shorts. Front view of finished shorts.

Until next time, be fabulous.

Luv Mel...xX


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