Thursday, December 16, 2010

Other stuff I've been experimenting with..

Clutch handbag.


Little Devil Shorts

Now that I've improved a little I'd decided to chop up some material I didn't buy from the local Op-Shop but instead I'd demolish some stuff I'd bought from ebay and see how I'd go.

I'd cut the pattern out and marked all the back of the the fabric correctly so you'd think there was no way I'd get it wrong this time?  First I pinned it all together and sewed the pocket to the back and the left side then sewed the inside crutch together, so far so good.

Cut out market fabric pieces Pocket's sewed on to back and left side. Crutch pinned Side pocket pinned. Back pocket pinned on.

Sewing pockets and crutch. Sewing outside of shorts. Hemming and making elastic casing for waist. Hemmed Shorts.

I managed to get it right so far so sewed up the outside hem then hemmed the bottom of the legs and made the casing for the elastic to go in to.

Putting the elastic in to waist.

After all that I had a finished pair of shorts, after getting son to try them on I made sure they fit then sewed up the hole where the elastic went in.  Big improvement on the first pair I made with the weird crutch and odd lengthed legs :P

Back View of finished shorts. Front view of finished shorts.

Until next time, be fabulous.

Luv Mel...xX


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boys Shorts

Third Time Lucky Shorts

This is my third time at trying to get a pair of boys shorts right.  I never imagined that putting pockets in would be such a test of my patience.  The first one's I made were pyjama pants but somehow they looked wierd.  So I plodded along thinking I was going ok, I'd cut the grey pair out and put them together, even put a back and one side pocket on but it just wasn't quite right.



A fantastic, wonderful lady I know, who also sew's, popped in for coffee and I was showing them to her.  She said,  "You're going great for a beginner but how come one leg is longer than the other?".  After closer inspection she asked, "Have you maybe put the back to back and the front to front on the legs?"  Sure enough I had :(   They look alright in the pic's but and are now being used as pyjama pants because I'm too lazy to un-pick them and start again.

So, I learnt an important lesson, I must always right B and F on the cut out pattern pieces or I'll get it wrong!  After nicking some chalk from the kids I wrote on all the pieces for the spotty blue and white pair which helped enough for me to get it right.

Here are the successful shorts, Master 9 wanted them this long.  Asking him repeatedly, "Are you sure you want them like that".  He just nodded like he does and told me he doesn't like them, he LOVES them.  As far as I'm concerned if he loves them that's all that matters and the following day after school, sure enough he put them on.  Makes me feel great knowing that he really does like them.  So on to the next pair, out of more expensive but not Really expensive material I bought of ebay.  Soon I'll be good enough to cut up stuff out of material that wasn't dirt cheap.  I get alot of my practice material from the Op-Shop's, then I don't feel so bad if they turn out a little skew-wif.


Hope you're all having fun leading up to Christmas, there's so many things I'd like to make and not enough hours in the day :P  Soon kids will be on 6 weeks school holidays and I'll have fun trying to get anything done then.  Maybe I'll put them to work helping me.  Until next time, be fabulous :) Luv Mel...Xx

These are the next one's.  Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me :P