Thursday, November 25, 2010

Suede clutch purse

This is my second attempt at making a clutch purse. Mind you, I have NO pattern and thought I'd use some scraps of suede I picked up somewhere really cheap.My first attempt was in a beige suede but I could see all the stitching on the back so am trying again. You can see that one in the last picture behind the olive coloured purse. It has this awesome retro fabric on the inside so I kept it for all my make-up kinda things as it didn't quite work out how I thought it would look.First I stitched the two suede squares together and found a piece of leftover fabric for the inside.Next I cut some more scraps up to make a pocket for cards ect... I neglected to do that with the first one, so this was the start of an improvement to the idea. I checked to make sure it would fit and look OK then stitched up the side seams on the pocket.I put the right sides of the suede and the inside fabric together and stitched up one end, next was working out how to put the pocket on. I had to make sure not to catch the inside fabric which was why I only joined one end at this stage.After that I had to put the zipper on the inside fabric without making the stitching show on the outside, now this took me a little while to work out and one purse later I'd got it. The first time I tried I got the inside fabric caught and the change pocket was the width of two fingers. So out came the unpicker, must be careful not to get fabric stuck where it shouldn't be when inserting a zipper. So I got one side on then folded the purse and put the other side on with almost having a brain implosion but in the end I got it on and it looks pretty good for a beginner.I joined the other end inside out, turned it in the right way then put the zipper in. I left both side seams open. Once the zipper was in I stitched up the outside seams and put a bit of cord on to keep it all together. Any tips on purse making would be greatly appreciated :PThe next one should turn out a treat, now I've had a little practice.So that's my latest sewing adventure. Have an awesome day fabulous people :) Luv Mel....xX

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