Sunday, November 7, 2010

Play-suit Pandemonium

Retro Play-Suit

Being a beginner, I thought I would get some cheap patterns and go from there.   Amazingly I picked up a set of learn-to-sew books all with patterns, they are kinda retro but isn't that back?  Here's a pic of just one of them and as you can see they're, well, retro!  But very simple and easy to follow patterns and instructions :)

The first thing I did was to cut the pattern out in a size 12.  I wasn't too sure what the facing was meant for but soon worked it out when I started putting it all together.  Also am starting to find that the amount of fabric the pattern says you need is often more than you really need, anyone else find this?







Cut out and pinned together, I was already thinking 'maybe it's a bit big?'.

Not to worry, along I went....


Until it was together enough to try on and check it out so far..


Still needing to be hemmed and put some buttons on, now the elastic is finally in.  Great look over jeans and a T-Shirt, maybe I will start a new trend :P

The finished play-suit looks alright, maybe a little bigger than I expected it to be but it was all in proportion and there were no holes where there should be none and no extra pieces left over, so I think I did ok.Beautiful Chloe modelling her new play suit that is a little large but I'm told 'very comfy'.  Maybe next time I'll give it some pockets and try a couple of alterations that I think would work.  The basic patterns are great as a starting point, see where it goes from here!

Hope you all have a fantastic week, I'm still enjoying my fabulous tracksuit pants, I'd live in them if I could, LOL..

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