Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning to Sew

For my birthday this year I received a singer sewing machine.  Nothing fancy which is good because I'm just a beginner and all those extra buttons and functions on some machine just do my head in.  So what a perfect thing to get for my birthday instead of socks, soap or undies.

I thought to start with I would try to make something easy, something that didn't have to many pieces that I would have to sew together to get a finished product.  So I decided to make Mr 9 some pyjama pants.  For the first ones, they turned out alright but the crutch is kinda weird.  Mr 9 loves them anyway and tells me how smooth and comfortable they are so they can't be to bad.

Next I thought, well they turned out half decent I'll try and make some pyjamas for Miss 10.  The first pair I made were to the knee shorts and I had to retrim the crutch seam because Miss 10 said that they were all lumpy and bunched up in the crotch could I fix it?  Out came the unpicker, unpicking away to sort the problem out.  After a few snips and some re-sewing they were wearable again but I'm told much more comfortable without all the knobbly bits at the crutch.  With the leftover material I made a pair of short shorts, that I think look better than the first pair and Miss 9 asked are they for me too??  I tried to bind the hemline on these but this material kept slipping out of the binding when I tried to sew it so I ended up using a fancy stitch to hem them and chucked the binding out.

After making these I wondered what I could practice sewing binding on to and came up with this carry bag that Mr 9 has claimed as his own and says he's going to keep his Pokemon in it.  Made from an old pair of pyjama pants and some upholstery fabric with rubber backing for the inside.  Son was quite chuffed to be able to keep a piece of his favourite pyjamas.  It would have made a great make-up bag, oh well, never mind, I'll just have to make another one.

My next project is a pair of tracksuit pants for me.  I'm a weird shape, so it's hard to find clothes that fit.  Most have curves where I do not, no matter how much chocolate and coffee I consume I still can't seem to get any curves so making a pair that fit me will be fun.  I found an old Justknits pattern and bought a piece of fleecy lined cotton, took my machine into work and cut and sewed quite a bit today.  All I have to do is put the elastic waistband in and Bazinga!  A new pair of trackies to replace my favourite, but very worn out green ones.  I was quite amazed that this pattern actually fit me and will be keeping it close at hand as now I know that they will fit.  I'll show you all next time I blog.

Bye for now, have a great week, Luv Melody......mwah!

I got them (my pants) finished.  They are so comfy, how about that!

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