Tuesday, July 17, 2012


  The Chicken House

It all started with these 3 Isa Brown Cross chickens.  They were just pullets when we first got them.  
I've never been a big fan of birds, all the flapping and sharp gouging beaks always scared me off.
I didn't realize that chickens don't have gouging beaks only ones that can peck so I was relieved.

My hubby said, "I know you will like them".  Look what he started.

This chicken on the right got it's head stuck under the cage one day and we thought she wouldn't survive but sure enough she's still going strong, a little smaller and stupider but still running around scratching.

They were growing so fast we had to move them out of the triangle cage in to one hubby thew together in an afternoon.

This chicken on the right, Drumstick is boss at the moment but the one in the next picture is trying to take over the pen.

Her name is Chilli and she's getting bossy and picking fights with Drumstick almost every day now.  Wonder who will end up being top Chick?

Here they are on the left having a chat and trying to work out who's going to be boss.

We had to make the cage a bit bigger as soon there will be more chickens taking up residence in the coop.
They are very funny the way they turn their heads to look at you and can't say they're shy.  In fact the opposite is true and they check out everything and anything new.
Such time wasters but they always bring a smile to my face. 

Then we went into Thornton pet shop and saw these fluffy little leghorns.  They were in a bunch of about 10 chicks and were just begging to come home.  So I only got two, so they could keep each other company.

We moved the big girls into their new home and gave the triange coop to the leghorns.  They have much longer legs than the Isa Browns and really long tail feathers.  So cute and fluffy and chirpy at this age (approx four weeks)  The kids called them Caesar and Nugget, hmmmm...

 Soon they grew to pullet size and as we've had them from a younger age they follow you around.  We let them out in to the garden to eat all the bugs and they love getting in the long grass.  They love finding snails and go crazy when they discover one.  One will run off with it with the other one in high pursuit.

Here they are at approximately three months today.  Out in the sun, scratching, pecking and having a great time.  Hopefully they will both be girls but one has a much redder crown than the other so we will just have to wait and see.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was looking on Gumtree and saw that Anthony, the guy we got the Isa's off had a couple of different breeds of chicks for sale.  These chicks are Barnvale chicks, a breed from Holland that have black and brown spotty feathers and grow to be quite large.
I told myself if they were too young we wouldn't bring any home but look, how could I resist.  I almost got three but thought two was enough, considering we already have five :)

 The little one, Chelsea, thinks our son is it's mother.  He picks it up all the time and it's not very scared of any of us.  The bigger one, Samantha, is a bit more jumpy and doesn't really like being touched and handled like Chelsea.

Chelsea likes climbing up under your chin, giving our son a laughing fit.

Here on the left is hubby with both of them, before we know they will be far to big to hold in your hands.

The Barnvale seem to love sitting on top of each other.  Keeping warm and toasty under the light and feathers.
How small, warm, cute and fluffy they all were.  We picked the smallest and the one with the most stripes and brought them home.  What can I say.

Our daughter showing one of the local kids the new baby chickens.  She's taken to these animals more than any of our others.  Hopefully all the chickens will be chickens and no roosters have been brought home but there's no way of knowing until they're fully grown.
They've been keeping me busy and entertained.  I'm surprised at how much I like them.  Never thought I'd like chickens :P

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY Everyday Survival Kit

Everyday Survival Kit

A friend of mine from High school is having a few health problems so I thought I'd make her a survival kit to put a smile on her face.  Below are all the contents of the kit and I've also included the silly things that they're all for :)

Marble:  For when you loose yours.

Rubber Band:  To stretch yourself beyond the limits.

Candle:  To remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tissue:  For drying your tears.

Paper Clip: To hold everything together when it falls apart.

Pack of seeds:  To help you *grow* stronger everyday.

Toy racecar:  Wishing you a *speedy* recovery.

Clothespin:  To help you hang in there.

Eraser:  To remind you that you can start every day with a clean slate.

Battery:  To give you that extra charge to keep you going... and going.

Piece of Rope:  When you reach the end of yours, this will keep you going a bit longer.

Small Smooth Stone:  To remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish.

5 cents:  So you'll never be broke.

Band-Aid:  For when things get a little rough

A Crayon:  To color your day bright and cheerful.

Glitter:  To celebrate the joys of life.

A Puzzle Piece:  Without you things wouldn't be complete.

This is how the toy car started out.

Being me I didn't want to leave it looking all old and shabby so I used some acrylic paint and made it pink.

Added some gold on the bumpers and white acrylic on the lights and sealed it with Duncan sparkles, just it case in gets wet somehow, that will stop the acrylic paint washing off.

Here's the finished car, all pink and sparkly.

I did the same with a boring old peg.  Cut two strips of paper to fit, stick it on and you have a better looking peg.  Don't you think?

Here it is finished.

It was fairly easy to put it all together and didn't take long to do.  I've got two school aged children so most of the contents were all around the place I just had to put it all together.  You can call it whatever you like - BFF Kit, Hospital Survival Kit, One of those Days Kits, just use your imagination.  I put it all in a make up bag with the text printed on a piece of paper.  I also included other girly things in the post box like soap, a beaded bracelet, earrings and matching chain (all inside a black jewelery bag), a shower sponge, moisteriser, face wash, some cute nail files in a matchbox looking container and some other stuff.   
I hope she gets a nice surprise when she get's it this week in the post.

I found this fantastic website that has fantastic crafty things that I'm sure you would all love so here's the link Design Sponge go check it out if you've got some spare time.  They have some great DIY tutorials, recipes and other crafty activities.
Don't forget to visit my favourite fabric shop at   

Have a fantastic day,
Luv Mel...xXx
(This blog is for you Louise)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recorder Covers


Recorder Covers
Considering both my children are in the recorder group at school this year, I thought I'd make them a cover instead of the boring old plastic one that ends up breaking mid way through the year.

Here is Master 9 showing what he's learning at the moment.  (Oh, my poor old ears!)

Here's how I did it -
1.First on the fold cut a piece approx 60cm length and 15cm wide.

 2.Then pin sides and flap and sew all the way round, leave a gap to turn the right way out. (don't sew the folded bit).
 3. Turn in the right way and it should look like the picture below.
 4. Sew up the gap you left to turn the right way round.
 5. Fold to desired length and pin.
 6. Sew up both sides.
 7. It should look like this picture below by now.
 8. Attach press studs or I thought velcro would work too.
 9. Check to make sure press studs close correctly.
 10. Attach cord for hanging it up.  (This is optional, but makes it easier to find)
 11.  Here's the finished cover, with recorder and cleaning stick inside.  What do you think?

The kids really like them and they won't get lost so easily now, I hope!

Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY Rug from scraps

DIY Rug from Scrap Material

I started making this in an effort to replace our horrible rug that's falling apart and everything seems to stick to it.
I haven't finished it yet but thought I'd show you my progress so far.  I started by sewing pieces of about 10cm wide strips of fabric together.  I put 3 rows together at the start and just kept braiding them.  I'd like a round rug which is probably the easiest so I sat it flat and hand stitched it together.
This is it a couple of weeks ago but it has grown since then.

When it's big enough to cover our lounge room floor I shall be happy.  It's a very easy thing to make anyone can plat 3 strips of fabric together.  Great way to use up all your bits and pieces left over from other stuff.  I've used old T-shirts, shorts, pajamas and whatever else I had in my scrap bag.  It reminds me of the bread bag place-mats my Granny used to make.  (I think she used to crochet them but I'm not great at knitting and crochet)
Shall show you all the finished rug when I'm happy with the size :)

The other stuff I've been pottering around with lately are a couple of pairs of pajamas for our Miss 11  and I'm going to make myself a shirt, when I get to it.  Why is it that when you want to make something for yourself it seems to get put to the back of the pile a lot??
I blew my budget this week to as my favourite on line material shop ozmaterialgirls had a sale on awesome flannel fabric which I've purchased as I couldn't control myself and besides the kids Master 9 and Miss 11 have both grown out of all their winter pajamas so what's a girl to do??  If you need quality material these girls have got it and they are nice people too:)
I've also been making puppet bodies which I'll have to show you all.  I've finished the policeman, Punch and Judy but still have 3 more to get finished.  It's a bit of a fiddly job as they're smaller scale than normal sized clothing.  Has been hard but fun and I'll show you those eventually too.  I've been a bit slack and haven't made any bags this week but did finished a quilted red messenger bag I've been trying to get finished for a couple of weeks so all effort wasn't in vain.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day.  Until next time, stay fabulous.  Luv Mel...xXx

P.S.  Here are the rabbits always eating, just thought I'd share as I think they are so cute but the brown one looks kinda evil in this photo, don't you think?

Just an update on the scrap rug.
I'd like it to cover our lounge room floor but it isn't quite big enough yet.  I'm hoping to get it to a usable state by the start of winter here in June but it's already freezing cold and I'm wishing I had concentrated on the mat and not the hundred other things I'm trying to make.  Oh well, such is life, it will be finished eventually :)
Here is how it's looking now:
What takes the longest is cutting the strips of fabric and stitching them together.  If I find a faster way I'll be sure to let you all know.  Hope you're all keeping warm :)
Until next time,
Stay fantastic!  Luv Mel...xX